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SAIS Women Lead Inclusive Diplomacy Luncheon

Monday, March 6, 12:00-2:00pm, Rome 806

Professional Development and Networking Opportunity for SAIS Students and Alumni

Monday, March 6, 12:00-2:00pm, Rome 806

Lunch Served

Culture Change at the State Department:

Inclusive Government Leaders Share Their Insights

In this second of two Inclusive Diplomacy Luncheon Seminars, we will build on our learning about inclusive leadership in diplomacy through engagement with current U.S. Department of State representatives who are working to advance inclusive policies and agendas around the globe.  Our discussion will touch on the work of advancing inclusion and equity for racial and ethnic minorities, LGBT rights, women’s empowerment, and international disability rights as well as programs to connect with new generations.  We will learn how this work is actually conceptualized and implemented, the extent of its impact and what the barriers may be.  Throughout this session, we will also gain insights into how Washington based inclusive leaders coordinate with U.S. embassies to bring about change at the global level.

The Inclusive Diplomacy Luncheon Seminar is designed and moderated by SAIS Alumna Lora Berg and Dr. Mischa Thompson, managed by Professor Kent Davis-Packard, and sponsored by SAIS Women Lead and the Global Theory and History Program.

Open to SAIS Students and Alumni

12:00-2:00pm, Rome 806, 1619 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, DC, 20036

Please RSVP to by March 3rd

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